Digital Marketing Strategies During Lockdown

We all know that digital marketing works. But over this pandemic and lockdown period we are all experiencing, never before has it been more key to your business. So where do we start? Which channels should we be using? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?

These are all very valid questions. In this post, we are going to look at different types of digital marketing and unpack the best ways to use and include them in your marketing strategy. 

Ensure your customers can find you online

Think carefully about how visible your business is online and whether there is room for improvement in this respect (there nearly always is!). How easy is it for people to find your business by searching for your company name, your personal name, or the types of products you sell?


Existing customers will probably be familiar with your company name, especially if it is a small local business and customers can walk in to meet you personally. Some of them will find your personal name easier to remember, so if they haven’t bought from you online before or can’t remember how to get to your website, it’s important that they can find you easily with a search for either your trading name or your personal name. If you have a small or medium-sized local business, then local citations of your business that show your trading address, both in directories and in your Google My Business profile, are important to ensure that your website is perceived as a credible business of its kind in your area.


To attract new customers you haven’t met before, you should also check on your visibility on Google for the generic keywords that people are likely to search for if they want the products or services you sell. Unless you’re a very well-established business or in a very small niche area, then it’s unlikely you’ll be on the first page nationally for those search terms. However, you should at least aim to get there locally for as many of the most relevant keywords as possible. Formulate an SEO strategy that includes targeting the most important keywords you want to be ranked for by making them appear prominently in your page headings and title tags.


Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that utilizing social media as a marketing strategy has been on a steep incline in the last 5+ years. Therefore, using platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote your brand are all in your best interest. The key to social media marketing is to know what, where and when to post. Instagram is a visual platform so marketing through photos and videos is best. Twitter is a platform for texts via tweets so engaging your audience with questions, threads and retweet-able content (images, videos, GIFs, and memes) is best. Facebook, a platform statistically for older audiences, is for longer, commercialized videos and conversational posts. Knowing when to post content all depends on the analytics of your engagement coupled with the algorithm on each site, with Instagram being the most complex. Although complex, once you get into a consistent posting strategy, your audience will grow, and engagement will increase. Facebook also follows an algorithm, though less complex than Instagram’s (even with it being the parent company). And Twitter’s algorithm is the least complex, mostly dependent on the time zone when most of your audience is awake.

Email Campaigns

There are quite a few reasons why email campaigns can be so effective. First, the people in your mailing list would have been people who were interested enough in your offerings to sign up for it. You have an audience who actually wants to buy your products. Second, it can be personalised. You are delivering a message straight to the customer. If you do it right, you potentially have a very good chance of converting. Third, email marketing campaigns can be extremely low-cost (almost nothing per message, if you’re doing them yourself!) The best part is, you can tailor it to a specific action. Then, measure the results to see how effective it was. 

Collaborate and Support Local

Are you a local small business in your area? Are many other small businesses in your area experiencing the same issues as you? Think about ways in which you can collaborate and support each other. This could be anything from organising an informative webinar with other business founders offering free advice, to including your local café that now offers food delivery in a newsletter to your customers. It could be as simple as a shout-out on social media. This activity will encourage other businesses to do the same, and reinforce your values to customers, as a brand that offers value, cares and is real.

So, there you have it – a list of digital marketing strategies that you can use during the current climate and beyond to get almost-instant results. Which one would you like to try out for your business? Let us know in the comments! Alternatively, if you need a hand with your marketing, get in touch with us.