Every brand stands for something. Question is, does it stand out?

A successful brand strategy depends on identifying future trends and what that competitive market place is likely to look like.

How We Work

What happens when you get in touch with us

Our mission is to find out everything about your desired solution. We then suggest the right approach, come up with an estimation, and then move forward with the development of your product. Here’s a closer look at our process.

Cooperation models


This model estimates time by projects. So there are no hidden costs. If you’re building a product from the ground up or scaling an existing solution that requires ongoing development, we recommend it.


Time & material

This model is great for smaller projects up to 3 months when there’s quite a defined scope of work. You still get a team, together with a project manager and a QA specialist. However, you only pay for the hours spent and can stop whenever you wish.

Dedicated team

If you’re building a product from the ground up or scaling an existing solution that requires ongoing development, we recommend getting a dedicated team. You can manage the team yourself or let us do it for you.



Starting Point

Our starting point is about gaining an understanding of your organisation and the business landscape that you work in. We work in partnership with you through briefing sessions, focus groups and workshops to uncover your challenges, points of difference and what drives you forward.

1. Observe situation
2. Interview staff
3. Understand the audience
4. Establish goals
5. Create timeline





Who is your customer, how can we connect with them and drive their choices? Putting the customer at the centre of your marketing strategy guides your brand’s development and ultimately influences every touch-point of your output.

1. Competitive visual audit
2. Investigate examples
3. Incorporate research
4. Collaborative brainstorming
5. Discuss opinions
6. Message development




Every project and client is unique. The structure of our work takes many forms. Whether it’s print, websites, or video editing, no two executions are alike.

1. Develop Ideas
2. Design Concepts
3. Project specifications
4. Present prototype concepts
5. Gather feedback
6. Refine and approve




We build on an agreed planned structure, detailed prototypes, specifications and production schedules intended to uncover problems well before we reach this expensive and time-sensitive stage. We take great pride in our work by managing every process from art creation to messaging, user experience testing, consistency to differentiation.

1. Implement final solution
2. Monitor quality
3. Test and confirm
4. Turn over deliverables




Communication is an ever changing landscape. In addition to monitoring what we have built, we are always looking for ways to extend the conversation, broaden our clients’ reach and assure return on investment.

1. Track analysis
2. Chart against goals
3. Outline next steps