The Opportunity

Candy Tsa Mandebele Mokwena (born June 19, 1970) is a South African singer, songwriter, actress. Mandebele began singing in her mother’s community traditional group, Sekgapa, at the age of 14. Mandebele began her career in 1993 as a songwriter, prior to joining group Shaka Bundu Girls in 1995.

Mandebele is also well known for singing in Khelobedu language, which is a dialect of Northern Sotho language. In 2016, Mandebele released her solo debut album Siki (Five Cents) through Sony Music, The album was a critical success and generated the single ” Baile”.

The Result

We were tasked to create a personal website for Candy Tsa Mandebele Mokwena that houses all of her work. The website was all about her a testament to her hard work in the music industry and her love for her fans. So we gave her fans a chance to help tell her story. 



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