The Opportunity

The Mine Health and Safety Council is a national public entity (Schedule 3A) established in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act, No 29 of 1996, as amended.

The entity comprises a tripartite board represented by State, Employer, and Labour members under the chairmanship of the Chief Inspector of Mines. The MHSC is funded by public revenue and is accountable to Parliament.

The main task of the Council is to advise the Minister of Mineral Resources on occupational health and safety legislation and research outcomes focused on improving and promoting occupational health and safety in South African mines. The Council also oversees the activities of its committees; promotes a culture of health and safety in the mining industry; arranges a summit every two years to review the state of occupational health and safety at mines; and liaises with the Mining Qualifications Authority and any other statutory bodies about mining health and safety.

The Result

Spiral 8 Studio and Red Switch was tasked by MHSC to develop a story behind the ordinary mine worker for the upcoming Mine Health And Safety Summit 2018. We developed a booklet and programme for the event that would tell the story. the main focus was the day to day challenges that mineworkers experience.  The tone of the imagery reflected the daily life of a mine worker a focus on the future, storytelling, positivity, possibility, and motivation.

We created a booklet that would leave an impression that will last. the booklet was designed and printed with a glossy finish. The primary colour palette was reduced and focused, with a secondary palette to accompany it and it’s associate entities. 



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