The Opportunity

National Digital Asset Exchange is Digital Asset and Blockchain company that facilitates trading of Digital Assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. Our objective is to offer a highly liquid secure and lightning fast exchange and user friendly platform where individual and institutions can trade with confidence.

Decentralized revolution or Financial Renaissance 2.0 began in 2009 with invention of Bitcoin and Blockchain. Founders of NDAX closely witnessed this financial evolution since 2013 and mapped it to the future to create solution for next decade. Exchange are foundation of nascent crypto-economy that acts as fair price discovery platform and we are creating multi-asset exchange with high liquidity, deep orderbook filled with advance orders by serious and professional traders. This idea led to the foundation of NDAX and we persevered to create a futuristic solution that enormously benefits people interested in trading digital assets.

The Result

The theme for the digital coin is to honor the former South African president Thabo Mbeki.This is a special edition, not an everyday use coin. It is usually bought by philatelic collectors or given as a present.Thabo Mbeki coin has an alternative payment circuit that traverses the traditional banking transactions, proposing greater transparency in transactions and usage of money. We produced a sketch design based on Thabo Mbeki and I’m an African poem.



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